The Wardrobe Essential Every Guy Needs

It's fantastic to have a wardrobe that you're proud of, where you truly love the items that you can wear on any given day. Your wardrobe is also something that constantly evolves as trends and your personal style change over time. But something that won't likely change is the fact that your clothes can get annoyingly wrinkled. Whether it's after washing them, or if they've been sitting in your closet for too long, your clothes are bound to develop some kind of unsightly wrinkles. And in a lot of cases, you pull out a nice shirt to wear right before you're about to go out somewhere, and then you realize too late that you need to iron it, so you either try to speed iron or just find another shirt to wear.

I know that I run into this issue a lot with my clothes, and I absolutely despise using an iron for simple things - mostly because it's a whole process to set up an iron board, wait for the iron to heat up, and have to flatten my clothes the right way to make sure I don't create any new wrinkles by accident. Then, I discovered the mini-steamer, and now I can't imagine living without one (if you want to check out the specific one in this article, you can find it here). Here's why the mini-steamer is something you need to own in order to keep your clothes looking crisp:

1. It's Fast

One of the best things about a steamer is that it's much, much faster than using a traditional iron. Just keep it filled with water, plug it in, and it starts generating steam within 10-15 seconds. Compare that to having to go into your closet, pull out an iron board, plug in an iron, wait for the metal to heat up - and then once you're done - wait for it to cool down, and put the board away.

For last minute wrinkle-removal, using a steamer is a much better alternative and has saved me multiple times while getting dressed. Not to mention, it makes an already worn shirt look like it was freshly washed (we've all been there before).

2. It's Portable

When we're specifically talking about mini-steamers, another huge advantage is portability. These things are not that big at all, maybe 8-10 inches in height, making them really easy to store anywhere in a bedroom or small apartment. This also means that it's very convenient to grab it when you need it urgently, or if you're traveling somewhere, pack it into a suitcase or backpack. I've used mine in almost every scenario imaginable, and portability has come in clutch on more than several occasions. This one is also very lightweight given that it's mostly a plastic build.

3. It's Effective (for most things)

This wouldn't be something I talk so passionately about if it wasn't an effective way to remove wrinkles from your clothes. In fact, I feel that for certain types of clothing steamers are more effective than more traditional irons. When it comes to things like cotton tees or button-up shirts, this thing works like absolute magic. I mean, literally as soon as you run the steam over a wrinkle, it's gone in real-time. And you don't have to worry about setting your clothes down flat in a certain way or anything like that. For thicker materials such as sweaters and cardigans, or clothes made out of stiffer material, the steamer isn't as fast but still does a great job removing wrinkles. The only time this may not be the best solution is for things like thick jeans or chinos with deep wrinkles - those will definitely need a red-hot iron to flatten them down or you may even have to wash/dry them again.


The main point here is that a mini-steamer is truly an essential item and should be your wardrobe's best friend. It'll help make your life so much easier and keep your clothes looking fresh and new - and as a result, you'll look fresh and new. If you're still using a traditional iron for all your clothes, I think it's time to consider investing in a steamer - it's fast, portable, and effective.


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