MVMT Blue Light Filtering Glasses Review

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

I've talked about these glasses in so many of my other articles, that they deserve a review of their own. This category of eye wear has become more popular as of late because of how much screen time we all expose ourselves to. There's no way around it - we look at our phones and laptops all the time, and even more so at night. However, the jury is still out on whether these types of glasses really do what they advertise, which is reducing eye fatigue and helping with sleep.

In case you're unfamiliar, blue light is a specific wavelength of light that's emitted from our screens - usually between 380nm and 500nm - making it one of the shortest and highest-energy wavelengths. In small doses, blue light is actually great, since it kickstarts our body's internal clock and wakes us up. It's the prolonged exposure throughout the entire day, however, that can take a toll on our eyes and start disrupting our sleep patterns. This is what gives you that tired eyes feeling and prevents you from being able to fall asleep peacefully after scrolling through your phone.

So, what these glasses do is filter out a large portion of those blue light waves so that they're less harsh on our eyesight and don't disrupt our ability to sleep properly (especially at night). With that background, let's get into the review of the specific glasses featured here, the MVMT Everscroll Rex Crystal ($65)

What Comes in the Box

When you order one of these, you get a pretty simple package:

- The glasses

- A carrying case

- A microfiber cloth

The carrying case is a hard, sort of rubberized plastic material and feels solid. It's very understated and has the MVMT logo embossed on the front. Same goes for the microfiber cloth, which is a perfect size and does a great job of cleaning any smudges or fingerprints off of your glasses. Nothing too fancy, just simplicity.


MVMT became so well-known because of their well-designed watches, and that has carried over to their other products. I like the clear frame on these glasses, as well as the round shape, making them perfect for putting on in any environment. These are a small-to-medium size and will fit most people just fine, but if you know that you have a larger-than-average head size, you should probably look at a different model. The lenses are mostly clear, but they have a very slight yellowish tint because of the blue light filtering capabilities - you can't really see it unless you put them against a white background.

The sides contain a subtle "MVMT" engraving with a steel-like texture behind it - you can also see the metal arm inside of the plastic casing, which is pretty cool. Aside from that, everything about these glasses is minimalist and clean, and I think it would look good on a lot of people. Not to mention, these can also be used as a style piece and simply make you look more sophisticated whenever you want to.

Design Rating: 9/10

Build Quality

As I mentioned before, the frame of these glasses is made out of cellulose acetate, which is a very durable plastic material. Certain parts of the frame also incorporate stainless steel, especially near the hinges. The lenses are also made out of a plastic polymer type material, not glass. They don't have an anti-reflection coating either, so you'll have to occasionally adjust the angle at which you're looking at your screen. I think the frame is very durable (I've accidentally sat on it and it hasn't broken), however the lenses might be less so. Nevertheless, if you're mostly using it at your desk or in your bed anyways, there's little risk of anything falling apart.

Build Quality Rating: 8/10


The main question here these even work? The short answer is, yes. From personal experience with these, I've found that wearing them while on my laptop/phone at night or wearing them during the latter half of a working day, has made a noticeable difference in how my eyes feel. That's the key though, I don't wear them every time I'm looking at a screen, but only when I'm looking at a screen at night or after prolonged exposure. These probably won't help much if you throw them on in the morning, because your body needs that blue light in order to wake its systems up.

The decrease in eye fatigue has been welcome, and I can fall asleep much faster once I'm ready to shut down. Not only that, but I wake up a little more naturally as well. I'm aware some of this may be attributed to a placebo effect of some sort, but the sustained benefits I've had over the last 2-3 months of owning these convince me that they're the real deal. Also, just to prove that these really do filter out blue light, here's a little test I conducted:

Effectiveness Rating: 9/10


I gotta tell you, as someone who doesn't need to wear glasses, I want to keep it that way for as long as possible. I'm very convinced that using a pair of blue light filtering glasses, such as this one, has tangible, positive benefits in the form of reduced eye strain and a better internal body clock. One thing to keep in mind is that these are not prescription glasses, so if you mostly wear contact lenses or don't need corrective eye wear, then these will work great for you. If you need prescription blue light filtering glasses, there are a lot of amazing options from Felix Gray or Warby Parker. Otherwise, these are great for everyday use!

Overall Rating: 9/10


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