Minimalist Bedside Essentials

Updated: May 31, 2020

When it comes to your nightstand or dresser or whatever you use to keep your things handy, it's always helpful to have certain items within an arms reach when you're lounging about in your bed or getting ready for the day. Not only do you want it to be functional, however, you also want it to have a clean look. Here are some "essentials" that I personally keep handy right next to my bed that I hope will serve as inspiration for you!

Wireless Charging Stand

If you have a phone that can charge wirelessly, then this is a must to have by your bed. I prefer the stand-like design more than the flat wireless chargers, because my phone can sit upright with the screen facing me, and I can quickly glance at any notifications that come through. Since I use a Pixel 4XL as my phone, I use the Pixel Stand to charge it, as well as some other accessories.

Smart Speaker

I think having a smart speaker at your bedside, as opposed to another part of your room, is great for two reasons: 1) your music plays right next to you, and 2) it's easier to give it commands from a closer proximity. The Google Home Mini that I use is very affordable and incredibly powerful (the newer models are even better). I use it to control my lights, set alarms for the next morning, play ambient sounds at night, and many, many other things. It's hard for me to go back to life without a smart speaker by my side.


Can't go wrong having a nice lamp for when you're sitting in bed watching a show or reading a book. Going along with the minimalist look, I picked up this lamp from West Elm and it's nothing too fancy, but it gets the job done. West Elm has a lot of great modern home decor, but can be a bit expensive so it's best to look out for a sale from them. Of course, this lamp is connected to my Google Home Mini as well, so I can turn it on/off with my voice or phone.

Catch-All Tray

Catch-all trays are awesome, because you can just throw a bunch of stuff into them and your space will still look organized. They can also look pretty classy, like this one here from Pottery Barn. The best bang-for-buck ones in my opinion are those made out of leather or wood, since they'll last longer and feel more premium. Now, what kind of stuff can you put in this tray?

  1. Wallet/card case - This is pretty essential. Personally, I use a card case to minimize bulk and reduce the amount of paper/cash that I have to carry around. They're also easier to slip into a back pocket or jacket pocket.

  2. Watch(es) - I keep my two most-worn watches right by my bed so that every morning I can choose between the two to put on when grabbing my other things.

  3. Blue-light glasses - I'm an advocate for blue-light glasses and personally feel that they help alleviate my eye strain from screen time. I use the MVMT Rex Crystal glasses, and they're right next to me for easy access when I'm using my phone or laptop at night (you can check out our review of them here).

  4. Headphones - These have a spot in my catch-all tray because I use headphones all the time whether it's for work or for play. Plus, they charge wirelessly so it makes sense to keep them by my wireless charger. My go-to are the Google Pixel Buds and you can find a full review on them here.

  5. Keys - This is definitely an essential that you have to grab every time you leave your home. Keys really bug me because of how loud they are and how they can scratch other things in your pocket, so I use a key cover from Bellroy to house my keys. The leather feels amazing, and I'm able to easily flip out a key when I need it.

All in all, my catch-all tray ends up looking like this.

Some Future Enhancements

As much as I love the current setup now, there's always room for improvement. In the future I'll probably swap out the carry-all tray I have now for a darker gray color to better fit in with the overall theme. I'm also planning to incorporate Philips Hue bulbs into various places, including my lamp, for mood lighting. Lastly, I'll need to upgrade my Google Home Mini to a newer version or a Google Nest Hub. That's all for now - until next time!


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