How to Color-block Your Outfits

Color-blocking is an awesome way to put together outfits that look really stylish, without having to think much about what to wear. It's essentially when you wear contrasting solid colors for the top and bottom of your outfit to create this striking, dynamic look that's super easy to pull off. Most of us have a lot of solid-colored clothing in our wardrobes, so this article will give you an idea as to what color combinations can give you the type of look that you're looking for. The combinations shown here are classic and timeless: these colors always work well together, regardless of whether your outfit is casual or a bit more smart. Also, since it's summertime, I stuck to one layer of clothing (in the future, there will be another article on layered color-blocking). Without further ado, let's get into it.

1. White & Black

This is as classic of a color combination as it can get - the ultimate contrast. Monochromatic outfits are really easy to pull off, and even something as simple as a white T and black jeans can look really clean. You can see how the outfit goes from white, to black, and to white again, which is important for maintaining that contrast. You could even throw in some grays instead, which would work just as well. With a white & black combination, you want your accessories to add a bit of color or shine. Here I have a red, white, & blue watch strap to provide some color, but you could also wear a black/metal necklace or white shoes with some color to add that flair.

2. Navy & Pink

For some reason, navy and pink always go together really, really well. Part of it is because navy goes well with a lot of colors, but another part of it is because pink is a relatively bright color that livens up the navy without being too overbearing. You see this a lot in suiting as well - for example, a navy suit with a light pink shirt. It's always been a great combination and is supplemented perfectly by brown leather. Here I've worn brown leather loafers and a brown-strapped watch to give this a bit more of a smarter look.

3. Black & Beige

I think the reason black and beige work so well together is because they bring together a monochromatic tone with an earthy tone. This could even work well with white, or gray, for example, but I think black provides a bit more edge and sharpness. You could definitely pair these with black shoes, but I opted for white to add more pop to the outfit. Throwing on a black-strapped watch with a white dial helps bring everything together. This is a color combination that also works really well for more formal outfits - a crisp black dress shirt tucked into a pair of formal khakis would look equally as crisp.

4. White & Navy

After white & black, this has to be next in line for the most classic color combination. Whether it's summer or winter, casual or formal, this combo won't let you down. It's great in the workplace too, if you pair a white dress shirt with navy dress pants. Here, I've kept it casual with a pair of navy shorts and a white oxford button-up shirt. This is another combination that works great with brown leather accessories!

5. Maroon & Black

Last, but most definitely not least, this is one of my personal favorite color combinations. It's interesting, because black and maroon don't fully contrast, but they contrast enough to make it interesting. Given the darker tone of this combination, I think it's best suited for a night out or grabbing dinner at a restaurant. You can also swap out the black with white to provide a fresher, more casual vibe.


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