Blenders Eyewear Sunglasses Review

The best accessory when it comes to summertime is a nice pair of sunglasses, and I've had the opportunity to own multiple pairs from a company called Blenders Eyewear (this link gives you $20 off your order of $50+). These guys are based in San Diego, CA, and create sunglasses inspired by that iconic Cali-vibe at a very reasonable price point. When I first discovered them, I was intrigued by their bold designs, including lenses that are super reflective and colorful - since then, they've expanded their collection to include pairs that are more conservative, but still very much "Blenders." Aside from summertime shades, they also create shades/goggles that are designed for skiing and snowboarding, so if you're into that, this brand could be something to look into for you.

Personally, I'm not fond of spending north of $100 or $200 on a pair of designer sunglasses, because 1) I'll probably break/lose them sooner rather than later, and 2) I know a majority of these brands all roll up to the same luxury conglomerate, Luxottica. So it's nice to get value for your money and also support smaller (relatively) businesses. Today, I have a pair from Blenders' Coastal collection that I've had for about a year now, and would like to go over the pros and cons.

Coastal Collection

The Coastal collection ($48) from Blenders revolves around a cool and casual atmosphere. They come in a few different frame designs, including a really nice matte black frame with a rubberized texture. The one I have is a clear frame (unfortunately it's currently not on their website), and I think this design suits really well for more casual occasions. These are what I use when I'm wearing a relaxed outfit or going for a drive on a sunny day, as an example.

The frames are made with a plastic material that feels pretty solid and sits comfortable on my medium-sized face. The nose bridge area is just plastic, so on a hot day these do tend to slip down my face a little bit. I've found that the hinges are really durable - I've tossed these all over the place, and even accidentally sat on them a couple times, but they took the abuse really, really well. One gripe I have about the frames is the amount of branding on them - the right side says "BLENDERS" and the left side says "COASTAL CLUB | WESTSIDE," but thankfully these are printed on the inside of the arms so they're not very visible while wearing the sunglasses.

The lenses themselves are smoked, meaning that they're not completely blacked out but are tinted instead. Someone else would be able to see your eyes through these lenses, but it's very faint. Secondly, the lenses are polarized, which is absolutely amazing and doesn't strain your eyes as much from reflections, etc. You can even see your phone screen perfectly through them (if it's an LED screen), but if you're looking at an LCD screen, you may have some trouble reading it with these on. I love the circular shape of the lenses, which are very much in fashion still, and they're ever so slightly over-sized, which is something to keep in mind.

Overall, these are my most-worn pair of sunglasses because they're so versatile and light without being overly obnoxious in their design. I should also mention that in the package, you also get a microfiber pouch/cloth and some stickers - I opted to spend an additional 5 bucks and get the nice black faux leather sleeve, which I think looks cleaner. The lenses are great and aside from the few quirks I mentioned, such as the excess branding and slippery nose bridge in hot weather, I think these are a great value at $48 (even less if you use my link at the beginning of the article and your order is $50+). I highly suggest you check out their website and browse their collection to see if they have a pair that appeals to you!

Overall Rating: 9/10

This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own, unedited thoughts on the product.


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