9 Quick Ways to Elevate Your Style

If you think looking fashionable takes a ton of effort, you're half right and half wrong. Sure, some things take a lot of thought when you're putting together an outfit and maybe you don't always have time for that. Maybe you'd rather use one of the following 9 tips that help make you look more stylish without a lot of effort! What do we mean by "fashionable"? The way I interpret it, looking fashionable means that there is intent behind what you're wearing and that you know how to look good. Let's dive in.

1. Wear Neutral/Monochrome Colors

You have to love monochromatic colors -they're simple and look clean no matter how you wear them. When wearing a monochromatic outfit, you ideally want to keep it to 1 or 2 colors. You can see here that a simple white and khaki combination looks decently stylish, but so does the all black look. I think the reason neutral colors look so good is because they exude class and refinement, and when worn more casually, they exude a sense of street fashion. With these kind of outfits, you want to also incorporate one or two accessories (like a watch) that help add a little more interest.

T-shirt: Everlane Uniform Pocket T-shirt

Chinos: Zara

Jeans: American Eagle

Shoes: Adidas Continental Vulc

2. Use the Hoodie + Jacket Look

Maybe it's too hot right now to try out this tip, but it's something you can keep in mind for the fall and winter. There's just something about the look of wearing a jacket over a hoodie that makes you seem fashion-forward. You still retain the amazing comfort from wearing a hoodie, but have the look of a more complex and fashionable outfit. Denim jackets are great for pairing with hoodies as you can see here, but so are blazers and bomber jackets! I also incorporated tip #1 keeping a monochromatic look outside of the denim jacket.

Hoodie: Polo Ralph Lauren T-shirt Hoodie

Jacket: Aeropostale Denim Jacket

Pants: American Eagle

Shoes: Adidas Continental Vulc

3. Wear a Watch

It's so imperative that you wear a watch, and for many reasons. One reason is that watches are a form of jewelry, and jewelry = fashion. They're the perfect accessory to elevate an otherwise basic outfit. Another reason is that watches help us keep track of time - one of the most essential things in our everyday lives. It's rare to find something that combines function and form as well as a watch does, so try to have at least one go-to watch that you can wear with your outfits! You won't regret it one bit.

Watch: Frederique Constant Heartbeat Classic

4. Be Bold in Your Colors & Patterns

This tip is the exact opposite of tip #1, because sometimes all you need to look more fashionable is to go bold. Whether it's a patterned shirt or a bright pop of color somewhere (like green pants), these are the things that enhance your style without much effort. I'm a fan of pairing a patterned article of clothing with a solid article of clothing, or just mixing and matching two bold colors. It adds a little bit of interest to an otherwise "safe" outfit and, again, makes you look more stylish.

Button-up: J.Crew Factory

T-shirt: Everlane Uniform Pocket T-shirt

Shorts: Express Men

Pants: PacSun

Loafers: DSW

Sneakers: Adidas Continental Vulc

5. Cuff Your Pants

I would say that in 80-90% of cases, you should cuff the bottom of your pants! Having pants that taper towards the ankle, and then cuffing them one or two times makes a big difference. It allows you to either 1) show off some cool socks, or 2) create visual separation between your pants and your shoes, and both of these help your footwear stand out a bit more. It's a nice segue into our next tip.

Shoes: Adidas Continental Vulc

6. Spice Up Your Socks

Socks are often the forgotten accessory, because it's all to easy to just wear standard black or white socks with your outfits. While those colors have a place in your wardrobe, you're missing out on upping your fashion game by not wearing more interesting socks. Whether it's stripes, patterns, or bright solid colors, your socks can enhance your outfit tremendously. I personally think it's best to contrast your socks with your shoes, because it gives you that pop of color which adds an extra dimension to your overall look.

7. Invest in Your Footwear

I'm not a huge advocate of spending an excessive amount of money on clothes (since your style preferences might change and you want to have the freedom to mix and match new clothes), but when it comes to shoes, it's an important point. Shoes are a huge part of fashion and if you're going to put money into any part of your outfit, this is the one. Sure, you can find really nice looking shoes for pretty cheap, but the problem is that they wear down so easily and sooner rather than later, they'll ruin your outfit. Whether its dress shoes, sneakers, or boots, invest in your footwear to keep yourself looking fresh.

Shoes: TAFT Jack Boot

8. Carry a Bag

If you're going to be out and about, this is an accessory you can use to elevate your style. In mainstream media, bags might be viewed as more of a women's accessory, but they can work great for guys too. For instance, throwing on a nice backpack or carrying a weekender bag can make a normal outfit look stylish. When I travel, I like to dress comfy (hoodie and track pants) and let my bags take care of the style department. This way my overall outfit can still look good even though I'm dressed for comfort.

Hoodie: Zara

Pants: American Eagle

Shoes: Adidas Continental Vulc

Backpack: Brevite Jumper Photo Bag

Weekender Bag: Ted Baker

9. Be Confident in Your Personal Style

Lastly, in order to elevate your fashion, you just need to be confident in your personal style. Whether you're trying out bold colors or a new type of outfit, what's most important is that you own it 100%, regardless of what others may think. Fashion is never a right or wrong game, and the best part about it is that everyone's style is unique to their own personality and preferences. For me, I tend to gravitate towards wearing a lot of patterned stuff, and I also love neutral-toned colors such as blues, grays, and blacks. Let your style speak for itself - the more confident you are in what you're wearing, the better you'll pull it off!

Button-up: United Colors of Benneton

Pants: H&M

Shoes: DSW


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