5 Types of Watches You Need to Own

A watch is more than something that simply tells time. It gives you a sense of reliability, credibility, and even confidence. A watch tells people that "hey, I know what I'm doing, and I can do it well." It's the universally recognizable symbol for timeliness and purpose. You just cannot go about your life without owning at least one watch, because it is such an important part of your outfit. Not to mention, watches just look good, plain and simple, and you can elevate everything else you're wearing just by slapping on a nice watch - they're a powerful little accessory. Here are 5 types of watches that you should look to make a place for on your wrist.

1. The Metal Diver Watch

If there's only one type of watch that you can choose from this list, it's this one. Metal diver watches accentuate almost any outfit. You can wear them with outfits ranging from a suit and tie, to something like a t-shirt and shorts, or even hiking gear. Because they're metal, they don't clash with any colors (like brown vs black leather), and they're extremely durable. These things were made to go 100m, 200m, or even 500m underwater in some cases, so they can take anything that your life throws at them. Also, they often have functions such as the day and date built into them. Something to be aware of - since they're metal, they tend to be slightly on the heavier side.

Pictured: Orient SAA0200BD9

2. The Brown-Strapped Watch

Next, we have the brown-strapped watch. The best brown-strapped watches to go for are those with a light-colored dial, because these are versatile and can be worn with many outfits. However, they pair best with business casual clothing, a button-down shirt/polo, or a casual navy suit. Definitely wear brown-strapped watches when you're wearing brown leather shoes or a belt, since it ties the whole outfit together. They also complement outfits that contain shades of white, blue, gray, and other cool colors. Brown-strapped watches can come in a variety of styles, ranging from very casual to dressy - I'd pick something in the middle that works well enough for both scenarios, even if it doesn't work perfectly for either.

Pictured: Frederique Constant Heartbeat

3. The Black-Strapped Watch

For instances where a brown-strapped watch doesn't work, a black-strapped watch is there to save the day. With these, you can err on the side of a more dressier watch, since black is usually associated with more formal events. Wear these with a formal suit, or anytime your leather accessories are also black. They complement outfits with neutral shades like white, gray, beige, and, well, black.

Pictured: Movado Museum Classic

4. The NATO Watch

Now we're moving on to the casual side of things. Watches with NATO straps are great for a more down-to-earth, less conservative look. These watches are excellent to put on with a hoodie or t-shirt, or more outdoors-oriented clothing in general. NATO straps are made out of cloth, and so they can come in an unlimited variety of colors that you can use to either match, or contrast with, your outfit. Depending on the watch, you could also dress them up with something like a polo or sweater.

Pictured: Daniel Wellington Dapper (no longer sold at retail)

5. The Fashion Watch

The fashion watch is a watch that wants to be the standout piece of your outfit. It's the watch you put on when you're just wearing the most basic of clothes, like a hoodie or t-shirt, so that it can carry the weight of the conversation. These types of watches tend to have more color and boldness to them - plus, they tend to be the more affordable since they focus on aesthetics more than materials and engineering. This is the watch that speaks to your individuality and is best suited for the least conservative occasions.

Pictured: The 5th Watch - Tokyo (no longer sold at retail)

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