3 Books to Read That'll Get You Motivated

We should strive to learn a little bit everyday, no matter how small it is. After all, that's how we become our best selves. I'm a big advocate of "self-help" books, because they teach you life lessons that you can put to use almost immediately. They're like mini how-to guides for getting yourself where you want to be and doing the things that you want to do. The three books I've highlighted here are some of my favorites, and best of all, they're all really easy reads without any confusing jargon. The books don't look perfect in the pictures, which I think attests to the fact that I did really read each one cover-to-cover.

Master Your Brain (Phillip Adcock)

Read this when: you want to learn more about yourself and why you behave the way you do

Our brains are so powerful, and most of us only know very little about them (probably what you learned in high school Biology class). I like the way Adcock organizes this book, because each chapter essentially informs you about a particular life hack that you can try out in real life. He uses a couple examples for each one, and makes it really simple to understand complex topics. You learn about things such as why people get nervous before big moments, or why it's so hard to stick to a diet, at a biological level that honestly explains a lot. By knowing the underlying reasons behind why you are the way you are, you can tackle life's obstacles with confidence.

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Originals (Adam Grant)

Read this when: you're curious why some people make an impact on the world and others don't

When someone says that an idea or a person is "original," it almost always has a positive connotation. Adam Grant has curated some of the best real-life examples of people who were able to come up with original ideas that changed the world. Furthermore, he looks into the various factors, from childhood into adulthood, that can impact how original someone ends up being. Grant also did a TED talk on a lot of the ideas portrayed in his book, so I would check that out as well. This book is interesting and simply a blast to read, because it's positive and will have you reflecting on what you can do to be truly original and make an impact.

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The Power of Broke (Daymond John)

Read this when: you have a desire to start your own thing, but don't know how to

Most people see Daymond John and immediately think of Shark Tank. So, this book definitely has some celebrity allure to it, but that doesn't mean it's not credible. It's composed of two parts that weave together seamlessly throughout each chapter: 1) examples of people making something out of nothing, and 2) Daymond's own life experiences. The most interesting and useful parts of this book for me were learning how people were able to get out of tough situations and hustle to achieve what ended up being huge things (big fan of the Under Armour example in this book). Daymond also throws in tidbits about his own hustling stories, that give you insight into how he became the successful man that he is today.

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